Camerado! I give you my hand!

Camerado! I give you my hand!

Allons! The road is before us!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Impaling Oneself

I've long been a believer in finding one's own warmth instead of seeking it always from outside sources. I love my friends and my family and even my work (very people-oriented) very much, but solitude has not only never frightened me, it enriches me. I seek it on a daily basis, and I crave it.

In our rush-induced world, with distractions at every turn, we can literally entertain ourselves 24 hours a day. Many people have no idea how to "survive" stretches without human companionship, and even more so without electronics of any kind. We can be plugged in all the time.

I shudder at the thought. My time alone--truly alone--is very precious to me. Sure, I love my smartphone, my TV shows, and my computer. But true solitude? It's a gift.

Thanks to my friend Joe Peacock for making me stumble upon this link.

Elizabeth Gilbert first spoke to me in a book entitled The Last American Man. It's still my favorite of her works.

Here, she talks about closeness, and how not to "impale yourself" on others.

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